Data-Planet Statistical DataSheets

Search results in Data-Planet Statistical Ready Reference resolve to Data-Planet Statistical DataSheets, which provide a cleanly formatted visual representation of the data, links to the underlying data, and contextual descriptions of the data source, indicator and dataset from which the indicator derives.


DataSheets provide DOIs (Digital Object Identifiers) for use in work product, which link to the original DataSheet, with chart, map, trend, etc. An option is also provided for updating the DataSheet with current data.


The Data-Planet repository of statistical content currently holds more than 4.9 billion datasets containing billions of data points presented in billions of views of data (maps, trends, tables, rankings). All of the data have been standardized, structured, and described with 37 fields of metadata and controlled editorial descriptions. Data-Planet products enable users to find and identify a statistical time series; view it as a table, chart, map, or graph; generate data overlays from multiple sources; or retrieve a citable piece of data and use it in their workflow and work product. 

Metadata records for Data-Planet Statistical DataSheets are now available to subscribing institutions. These records can be loaded into your ILS to provide direct access to Data-Planet Statistical DataSheets. They are also available for perpetual use licensing, in entirety or as subject-specific compendiums. Contact us for more information.

For more information on accessing Data-Planet Statistical DataSheets, please visit here.

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